Renoviction, Own Use Eviction, and AGI Tracker

The renovictions, own use evictions, and above guideline increases (AGIs) displayed on our map are listed in the table below. You can sort the data in different ways and use the search bar to find specific cases. For renovictions and AGIs, cases are classified at the building level. Each renoviction listed may impact several tenants or more, while each AGI may impact dozens or hundreds of tenants. For own use evictions, each reported own use eviction is listed. If multiple tenants report own use evictions for different units in the same building, these will be listed separately below.

Search your landlord's name to see if they've been renovicting people, evicting tenants for personal or purchaser’s use, or applying for AGIs.

Note: In some cases the landlord listed here may have asked a tenant to move out on behalf of a purchaser.