Report a Renoviction or AGI

If your landlord is trying to get you to move out by claiming they need to renovate your apartment or do major repairs (i.e. a renoviction), or if you're facing an AGI, please fill out and submit the form below.

Please share as much as you want or is applicable. Only the building address and the type of issue are required. Unless otherwise noted, any information shared here may appear on the site in order to help other tenants.

It may take a few days for the information you submit to appear on the site.


Number of the building, not your apartment

Who owns the building? If the official owner is a numbered company or corporation named after the address, include more information if possible. For example, names on landlord documents sent to you, someone who acts on behalf of your landlord, a company that manages your building.

Approximately how many apartments are in the building?

When did your landlord’s actions start? For example, when did they first approach you about vacating or give you a notice? Approximate dates are fine.

Has your landlord given you any official notices or forms? If so, which? If not, how has your landlord talked to you about this issue?

Besides giving you official notices or discussing renovations, has your landlord done anything else to you or other tenants about this? Are they making threats or harassing tenants?

Have there been any tenant meetings or any organizing in your building about this issue? If so, please describe.

Do you have a file number from the Landlord and Tenant Board?

If you provide contact info we will not share or publish on the site, but RenovictionsTO may contact you to get an update on your case or to notify you of other tenants hoping to connect.