Is your landlord trying to get you to move out so they can renovate?

Have they told you that you have to move out so they, a family member, or a buyer can move in?

Or have they applied for an above guideline increase?

RenovictionsTO seeks to document renovictions, own use evictions, and AGIs in Toronto and to support tenants as they organize and fight back.

About RenovictionsTO

A renoviction is when a landlord evicts a tenant by claiming they will complete major renovations. Landlords may give tenants N13 notices or approach them informally, and will often mislead tenants and pressure them to move out. An own use eviction is when a landlord evicts a tenant by claiming they, a family member, or a buyer wants to move in—they may approach tenants informally or give an N12 notice. Landlords often engage in these practices to get rid of existing tenants so they can rent apartments to new tenants at a much higher rate. Above guideline increases (AGIs) allow landlords to transfer the costs of certain repairs onto tenants, regardless of their existing profit margins or their own failure to maintain their buildings. AGIs help landlords increase their profits and contribute to displacement by pricing tenants out of their homes.

RenovictionsTO is a volunteer-run project that asks tenants to anonymously report their landlords to help document these practices and that seeks to give tenants the tools and information they need to organize and fight back. The data we collect is shared on our site.

Our map displays renovictions, own use evictions, and AGI applications in Toronto and can help you locate buildings in your neighbourhood facing a renoviction, own use eviction, or AGI. Our tracker offers a different way to view our data and search the cases on our site, including searching by landlord.